Nuuk is situated right at the seaward approach to the fiord of Nuuk and provides a natural departure point for a number of beautiful boating and hiking trips. Among other things, the fiord is well-known for its many whales. Consequently, whale safaries are an interesting option between June and November/December. Moreover, a wide range of boating trips are offered, for instance to the ice fiord, the abandoned village of Qoornoq, the village of Kapisillit and Kangeq, also known as the Island of Hope, where Hans Egede settled when he arrived in Greenland in 1721.

In the Kolonihavnen of Nuuk, which is the museum area of the city, you may watch women sew “kittat” (i.e. hand-sew leather) for the national costume, visit the kayak house where kayaks are built or the National Museum with varying exhibitions as well as the world-famous mummies of Qilakitsoq near Uummannaq.

You could also pay a visit to “The Board” (Brættet) which is the place where local fishermen, sealers and whalers sell cuts of seal and whale as well as the fish and birds of the season, for instance rose fish, lumpfish, cod, fresh sea trout, heather-smoked sea trout, reindeer and the Greenlandic version of a bitter rhubarb, namely angelica. Traditionally, the freezer is filled with the animals of the season in order to be well supplied with primary produce of local origin all the year round.

Coordination of activities, entertainment and events

If you wish to get some guidance and help to some of the above-mentioned activities, boat charters or cultural events through out your stay, Hotel Hans Egede will be happy to assist with these. Nuuk is the home town of the only theatre company in Greenland with professional actors. The Silamiut theatre company offers entertainment such as drum dance, mask dance and singing at tailored events. If interested, please contact:

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